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Mi cajita is not a personal blog, it´s not a image album, it’s not a collection of trendy gadgets or cutting edge gizmos, but you might find all these in here.

In mi cajita (my little box) I keep all these things that I come across and I like.

If you are visiting this space I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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    The new cultural movement takes New York’s subway performers by surprise with a huge collective tip!

    2nd Tipbombing was take place on Wednesday, July 30, 8:30pm at Times Square. The team will be gathering at the A/C/E/1/2/3 subway station entrance at 42nd Street and 7th Avenue.

    and TipBombing No. 2 surpassed all expectations!!!

    Next tipbombing following: http://www.tipbombing.com/

    Nivea’s Protection Ad

    Magazine ad that is transformed into a wearable for children. 

    Brilliant idea!!

    The app NIVEA PROTECTS is an app made for an ad. But different from any app already made for an ad, this app was actually an extension of it. Intuitive and didactic, it monitored the ad’s displacement when it was on the child’s arm. All that was needed was downloading the app on App Store or Google Play, pair the bracelet, identify the child and choose the distance where they could go. If distance was exceeded, an alert was sent by the app. With radar, it was possible to see if parents were getting nearer or further from children. 

    -The action became a successful video case, with repercussion in 10 press articles and 40 digital ones. 

    -Even with the closed magazine, the ad remained on parents’ cell phones and children’s arms for a long time. 

    -For the first time, NIVEA SUN KIDS was the segment’s sales leader, with a 62% increase in Rio de Janeiro 

    -The campaign was present  in places where its consumers are: the beach, parks and clubs. 

    -8 in every 10 people impacted by the ad downloaded the app. 

    -The bracelet became object of desire, NIVEA receives several requests for it every day. 

    The campaign’s main goal was to win new consumers for NIVEA SUN KIDS. The message should reinforce the product’s main attribute: protection. At the same time, NIVEA wanted to continue the series of useful ads that started with the SolarAd Charger. First challenge: how to protect children even more? We thought about another concern related to NIVEA SUN KID’s current consumption: children who get lost on the beach. That’s how we had the idea of making the Protection Ad. An ad that turned into a bracelet for children to wear so that parents could monitor them on their smartphones. For that, we needed an app. 

    Idea and execution: FCB BRASIL SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL

    Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

    Aliens and tigers terrify Londoners at Pepsi’s augmented reality bus stop

    The scariest thing you’re likely to see on your morning commute is the reflection of your own sleepy face in a bus window.

    But Londoners waiting at one bus stop in the capital were given much more of a fright when they witnessed tigers hurtling towards them, giant tentacles bursting out of the pavement, and aliens floating down to Earth in spaceships.

    The spectacle was provided by Pepsi Max, who used augmented reality to turn the New Oxford Street bus shelter into a digital portal, and secret cameras captured the whole thing.

    Some Londoners were terrified of the scenes, but others used the ‘magic’ bus stop to create fun scenarios of their own.

    via: Metro

    An Interactive Museum Ad That Can Be Scratched Off By Commuters

    To help promote their latest exhibition, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago came up with a brilliant interactive advertisement that can be scratched off by commuters.

    Placed at bus shelters, commuters were invited to play archaeologists by unearthing the artworks hidden beneath the ads.

    The ads were produced with the help of Classic-Color.

    via: Design Taxi

    Putpockets campaign for Crimestoppers

    OgilvyOne’s putpockets integrated campaign aims to influence nationwide behavioural change towards pickpocketing.

    OgilvyOne launched a hard-hitting integrated campaign for independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers called #putpockets, using footage of pedestrians being targeted by a team of sleight-of-hand experts and former pickpockets.

    The footage shows real passers-by standing unaware as the ‘putpockets’ team slip tablet, wallet and smartphone-sized cards into their bags and pockets. The cards carry the message that if someone can get something into your bag, they can also get something out.

    The cards direct people to the #putpockets website (www.putpockets.co.uk), a digital hub hosted on Crimestoppers’ website, created by OgilvyOne UK, which shows the putpockets in action and the various tactics they use, and gives simple tips on what people can do to protect themselves from pickpockets.

    The aim of the campaign is to influence long-term behavioural change towards stealth crime – which accounts for 70-80% of theft-from-the-person incidents and is still rising. The charity wants to raise awareness of this crime type across the UK.

    Roger Critchell, Director of Operations for Crimestoppers, said: “We want to highlight how easy it is for someone to be a victim of crime without even knowing a crime against them is taking place. It is not intended to scare the public, but is in fact designed to educate them about the dangers of prowling pickpockets and to ask them to ensure they are vigilant when out and about. OgilvyOne has designed a powerful platform and produced footage with real impact to help us achieve that goal.”

    #Putpockets is supported with a social media campaign, and the footage used in staggered promotional activity throughout 2014.

    see campaign at www.putpockets.co.uk and follow @CrimestoppersUK and #putpockets on Twitter.

    by Ogilvy One UK

    Asif Khan designs a “Mount Rushmore of the digital age” for the Sochi Winter Olympics

    Like A Digital Mount Rushmore, This Wall Can Morph Into The Shape Of Your Face

    Visitor’s faces will pop out of the facade of an olympic pavilion in Sochi like giant pin art.

    Asif Khan, designer of the 2012 London Olympics’ whimsical Coca-Cola Beatbox pavilion, will bring more of his playful interactivity to Sochi’s winter games this February. The installation will morph the facade of a pavilion from mobile telecommunications operator MegaFon into an interactive, 3-D display of visitor’s faces.

    via: Dezeen, Fastcompany

    The Gentleman Putpocket

    Samsung’s Putpocket campaign

    Street action campaign to promote the Galaxy Note3 + Gearimage

    Timeless Box, time travel for gifts, in a box

    Timeless Box is a lockable aluminium box that will automatically open at a specific time and date to reveal a gift contained within.

    Developed by Ignasi Giró, founder of an agency called Honest & Smile, the gifting “time machine” allows for something that he calls “emotional time travel”. Giró is currently raising money on Indiegogo.

    "In such an ‘ever-connected’ and ‘I-want-it-now’ society, we wanted to create a sort of anti-gadget that removed almost all power from its users, but gave back something precious,"

    Users take the box, put something inside it and then set the number of days the gift needs to stay in there. They then close and lock the box and give it to a loved one. When the time is up, the lid will pop open, revealing the contents of the box.

    Timeless Box, time travel for gifts, in a box from Honest&Smile on Vimeo.

    more at: timelessbox.com

    via: Wired, Techcrunch, Generació Digital 

    Original ad for Lego by Marco Sodano

    see more at Marco’s Behance Portfolio


    Timothy Morey of frog’s Innovation Strategy Group shares how “smart accessories” are disrupting markets and reshaping our understanding of the world. http://fro.gd/1ix1LjP

    Sony Turns London’s OXO Tower Into Playstation Symbols For PS4 Launch


    Sony made some big changes to London’s Oxo Tower for a series of launch events for the Playstation 4.

    The new console isn’t out in the UK until 29 November, but with its US launch taking place at midnight on Thursday Sony held a VIP party at the London landmark.

    And to make its influence felt on the capital’s skyline, Sony replaced the traditional OXO symbols on the side of the South Bank tower with its trademark square-triangle-X-circle symbols, as seen on its controllers.

    via Huffington Post

    Squats for tickets

    30 Squats Gets You Free Moscow Subway Ticket as Promotion for Sochi 2014 Games


    If you can do 30 squats, you’ll finally feel the financial benefit—you can ride the subway in Moscow for free.

    The Russian Olympic Committee is pushing the initiative in combination with the capital city in order to promote next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi.

    It saves commuters a cool 30 rubles, the equivalent of approximately 57p, and is part of a plan to showcase the benefits of healthy living.

    As you can see from the footage above, it’s already caused quite a stir at Vystavochnaya station, where the scheme is up and running. The machine measures whether the person has performed the squat correctly, counts them down from 30 to zero and then releases a ticket accordingly.

    via: Bleacher report

    Coca Cola Thermomater Can

    Soft-drink giant Coca-Cola has unveiled a new packaging design for its cans that changes based on the temperature. When the coke can is chilled to 48-degrees Fahrenheit, three blue cubes would appear inside the glass.

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